About the town

Name: Brickville

Founded: 1978

Location: On top of my bedroom closet.

Inhabitants: 35 and growing!
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Bricks: To many to count...



The ever expanding town of Brickville now hosts its own newspaper, the Brickville Journal! Here you can read more or less fictive stories about the town’s more or less known inhabitants.

Our only journalist is awfully busy at the moment so new stories are slow at appearing...  If only one could build some more “time”!

Below are the 3 latest stories, make sure you check out the full archives too!

Brickville Journal

About the  Journal

Name: Brickville Journal

Founded: 2008

What: This journal strives to cover anything of interest happening in the town of Brickville

Employees: 1 Journalist...

Equipment: A Mac with iWeb, Comic Life, OmniGraffle, an iPhone and now a Canon 400D


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